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  • [vB4] NL - vBulletin Forum + Blog + CMS Dutch Language Pack [vB 4.1.3]


    After some months I've finally completed the vBulletin 4 Dutch Translation.

    It was not only me that translated. Also my small team:
    Access Masks - GameFreak2009
    Ad Manager - GameFreak2009
    Albums - GameFreak2009
    Attachment / Image - GameFreak2009
    Banning Tools - GameFreak2009
    BB Code Tools - GameFreak2009
    Calender - GameFreak2009
    Content Types - GameFreak2009
    Content Management System AdminCP - GameFreak2009
    Control Panel Global - GameFreak2009
    Control Panel Help Text - Will not be done because this is way too much and not many people read this.
    Control Panel Home Pages - GameFreak2009
    Control Panel Options - GameFreak2009
    Permissions - GameFreak2009
    Control Panel User Ranks - GameFreak2009
    Custom Profile Fields - GameFreak2009
    Control Panel Stop Message - 0 Pagina's.
    Control Panel User Management - GameFreak2009 en Arnold
    Control Panel User Groups - GameFreak2009
    Scheduled Tasks - Will not be done because this is way too much. Maybe later.
    Diagnostic Tools - GameFreak2009
    Email Body Text - Taco
    Email Subject Text - Taco
    Error Messages - GameFreak2009
    FAQ Text - dutchbasterd
    FAQ Title - GameFreak2009
    Forum Related - Patrick
    Forum Display - GameFreak2009
    Frontend FAQ/Help - GameFreak2009
    Front-End Redirect Messages - GameFreak2009 en Collectors
    GLOBAL - GameFreak2009
    FAQ / Help Management - GameFreak2009
    Holidays - GameFreak2009
    Human Verification Questions - 0 Pagina's
    User Infractions - Collectors
    User Infraction Levels - GameFreak2009
    Inline Moderation - Collectors
    Language Tools - GameFreak2009
    Logging Tools - Arnold
    Maintenance Tools - Arnold
    Messaging - GameFreak2009
    Moderators - GameFreak2009
    Notices - GameFreak2009
    Plugin System - GameFreak2009
    Private Messaging - Collectors
    Polls - GameFreak2009
    Postbit - GameFreak2009
    Posting - GameFreak2009
    Thread Prefixes - GameFreak2009
    Thread Prefixes (Admin) - GameFreak2009
    Profile Field Tools - Patrick
    Promotion Tools GameFreak2009
    Register - GameFreak2009
    Reputation - GameFreak2009
    Reputation Levels - GameFreak2009
    Searching - GameFreak2009
    Show Thread - GameFreak2009
    Social Groups - GameFreak2009
    SQL Tools - GameFreak2009
    Statistic Tools - GameFreak2009
    Style Tools - The base of this is done by me. The rest of this will not be done yet.
    Subscription Tools - Klaaspeter
    Tag and Category Tools - GameFreak2009
    Thread Tools - GameFreak2009
    Thread Management - GameFreak2009
    Timezones - GameFreak2009
    User Tools (global) - GameFreak2009
    Forum Blocks - GameFreak2009
    Forum Blocks Settings - GameFreak2009
    vBulletin Blog Admin - GameFreak2009
    vBulletin Blog Admin Categories - GameFreak2009
    vBulletin Blog Global - GameFreak2009
    Content Management System - GameFreak2009
    vBulletin Settings - This is way too much and might make settings difficult to understand.
    CMS Widget Types - GameFreak2009
    Who's Online - GameFreak2009
    Done - Will not be done

    How to install?
    Just download this package. And follow the following steps:
    1. Go to the Admin CP, and click 'Upload/Download Languages'
    2. Upload the vbulletin-dutch.xml there. No settings need to be set. It's all in the file.
    3. Upload the vbulletin_blog-dutch.xml, but now don't choose 'Create New Language', choose 'Nederlands (NL)'.
    4. Do the same for vbulletin_cms-dutch.xml

    And you're done already. You now got the Dutch Translation installed.
    Note that if you only have the Forum License, you only need to complete step 1 and 2.
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