We thank everybody for submitting their vBulletin version 3 related resources like graphics, button sets, style alternatives, language packs or otherwise.

In order to keep the download section clean and organised we have this forum where we moderate your submissions. The staff and you will be able to see your threads, but others are not able to see your threads. We will process the threads weekly and publish your work in the download section where everybody can see it.

All global vBulletin forum rules apply.

Additional guidelines for submitting language packs can be found in this announcement.

Please note and agree to:
  • You will be the owner of your submitted resource and not Jelsoft
    • You must own the right to distribute the work (own the copyrights)
  • You will receive proper credits (member name + site url)
  • It would be nice if you could provide support
    • Support will only be provided through the vBulletin.com web site (not your personal web site)
  • You may only submit free work (no fee or donation)
  • No 'lite' versions or 'unfinished' version may be submitted
  • You agree that licensed vBulletin customers can download your submitted work free of charge

What can you submit?
  • Graphics
  • Button Sets
  • Styles
  • Language Packs

What can't you submit?
  • Source code modifications (hacks) > Use vBulletin.org for this
  • Template modifications (mods) to change layouts > Use vBulletin.org for this
  • Material that isn't your copyright

Please note!
  • Once your work has been accepted and published you will no longer be allowed or able to edit it.
  • If you require to release an update you will have to re-submit it for review in a new thread.
  • Submission reviews are processed on a time available basis.

Thank you for helping us and other community members by sharing your resources!