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Army Themed Emoticons.

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  • Army Themed Emoticons.

    Preview: Here

    Summary: Included in this pack is the PSD. x16 army themed emoticons which subscribers can save to their own background colour or choose their desired format. The PSD is sliced so you only have to click the save for web button and it's as easy as that, one click saves all 16 emoticons.

    In the attachments below I have also included the .png variants for those of you who aren't savy with photoshop. The .png will blend in with any background colour so you won't have to worry about it suiting the background your applyiing it onto.
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    Thank you.
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      Thanks for sharing.

      May I ask, if I upload as users rank, which format is best advisable.

      .jpg or .gif or .png


      .png, it don't shows.
      .jpg, will have a white background.
      .gif image quality is low.

      Please advise me.


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        The preferred format is entirely up to you.

        If you have multiple styles then I would opt for .png so the emoticons blend in with all styles. If you have 1 style then possibly .gif using the appropriate matte colour (same matting colour as the background colour it's being applied/appearing on. Though you could still opt for .png on the offchance you add additional styles at a later date and don't want to worry whether the emoticons will look visually correct on your style.

        They are all static images anyway so your best bet would be .PNG.

        And don't worry about using .gif with regards to the format only supporting 256 colours. The emoticons don't exceed 256 colours so you won't see an increase in quality by using .png and/or jpg.

        .png will show, you have to set the correct path and/or the correct extension for them to show. Maybe your trying to overwrite .gif (existing images) with .png variants which might explain why they aren't showing.

        With regards to jpg and the white background showing you can set the matte colour to the same colour as the background it's appearing on which would eliminate the white matting. As default, white is the colour you have set and will need to change it accordingly.
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