In vBulletin 4.1.11, 3 new settings has been added when you promote a post to an article. These settings are:
  • Keep Original Thread
  • Move to Comments Forum
  • All Comments

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There is now the actions about these new settings:
  • Keep Original Thread (Default = No)
    • No = A new comments thread is created.
    • Yes = The existing [source] thread (belonging to the post) is used.

    Note: Note: If the existing thread is already being used by another article, Keep Original Thread will be ignored, a new thread will be created.
  • Move to Comments Forum (Default = Yes)
    • No = The comments thread (kept or new) remains in source threads forum.
    • Yes = The comments thread (kept or new) is placed in the defined vbcms comments forum.

  • All Comments (Default = No)
    • No = Only comments posted after the post was promoted are displayed in the article.
    • Yes = All comments are displayed (only really relevant if the Keep Original Thread option was used).