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My Suggestions for the vBulletin 4.0 User Interface.


  • My Suggestions for the vBulletin 4.0 User Interface.

    Here is a list of my suggestions that I would like to see in the vBulletin 4.0 user interface. These aren't necessarily design issues but things I would like to see.

    1) Reduction of dropdowns. I know its hard to offer controls to features in a limited space. But instead of a forum tools menu, it would be nice if we had a widget bar with control icons. Also the search box should not be hidden and should be context sensitive. What drop down menus are left should be done with CSS unordered lists for a lighter application.

    2) PNG icons and buttons throughout. Even if they are matted and don't support alpha-transparency, they should be used. This will allow easier style changes and people can use alpha transparent PNG files for great effects in their layouts.

    3) Lightboxes for image attachments. Hover over the thumbnail and the larger one appears. No clicking, no loading a new page.

    4) URLs that open in the same browser window by default. Users should know by now to right-click or CTRL-Click links to open in a new tab or window. This would provide a better consistent flow with other existing Web 2.0 applications and pave the way for XHTML Strict.

    5) Advanced CSS editor without the boxes. Just show me the entire thing if possible.

    6) Include EditArea in the template and plugin editor for line numbering, search and other features.

    I am sure I will come up with more as time goes on. I am not a developer and don't know if they will get implemented but better to post them.

    • Wayne Luke
      Wayne Luke commented
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      1) Don't think there are less dropdowns but the code for them is going to be a lot lighter. All good here for now.

      2) Should be more PNG support in the system. There are less images overall as well so good here as well.

      3) This was already implemented.

      4) We'll see.. Might still be a php edit though.

      5) I understand the Style Manager was reworked somewhat. Not sure how stylevars and therefore CSS is handled though.

      6) Don't think this is being included unfortunately. Big loss.

    • broker6002
      broker6002 commented
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      Absolutely great suggestioins. I hope some are implimented.


    • karlm
      karlm commented
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      Excellent ideas
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