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vBulletin Facebook App


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    vBulletin Facebook App

    Introducing the vBulletin Facebook App
    An app specifically designed for your vBulletin site to help you engage and expand your community through the use of the Facebook platform - utilizing the vBulletin API to aggregate data straight into Facebook!

    Engaging Features:

    1.) Integrate Forums into Facebook
    • Let Facebook users post and interact with your vBulletin forum by integrating the front-end functionalities into the Facebook App platform.
    • Provide both Facebook users and your members an additional option for connecting and communicating with your community.

    2.) Increase Content Visibility
    • Make your content visible to Facebook users, highlight your site's content and post it into their News Feeds.
    • Users can comment directly from the Facebook New's feed, providing your community with more activity.


    3.) Create Engaging Fan Pages
    • Enhance your Facebook fan pages by plugging the app straight into your page - bringing in the full forum functionality straight to your fans!

    Reach out to 750,000,000 Users!

    4.) "Viral" Advertising
    • Posts made using the vBulletin Facebook app appear in users 'News Feeds, promoting your board to all their friends!
    • Let's users "Like" your content - further expanding your reach.

    5.) Join the vBulletin Facebook Network
    • Your forum becomes part of the vBulletin Facebook Network, promoting your site to Facebook friends of your members and people who are using the vBulletin app to access other vBulletin forums.
    • Pulls info from profiles (friends/interests etc.) and suggests your site to other vBulletin Facebook App Users.

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