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Advanced Styling using Templates: A Visual Dictionary for CMS and Forums (PDF)


  • Advanced Styling using Templates: A Visual Dictionary for CMS and Forums (PDF)

    We have created 2 new PDF documents that empower customers and our developer community to make advanced customizations to their vBulletin 4.0 powered site.

    1). Forum Templates Visual Dictionary
    2). CMS Templates Visual Dictionary

    These Templates Visual Dictionary documents will help you "visually" identify templates used on each page or module. By understanding a template structure for a given page/module , you will be able to control the layout and design of every item on the page. If you want to radically change the UI to fit your theme and style or you decide to display only certain data on a page , this is completely possible with the vB4 template system.

    Here's what other documents we are currently working on:
    • Blog Templates Visual Dictionary
    • Blog StyleVar Visual Dictionary
    • CMS StyleVar Visual Dictionary
    • Updated Forum StyleVar Visual Dictionary

    Ok, that's all for now. I hope these documents will make customizing and skinning easier for you.

    Thank you everyone for your great suggestions and overwhelming support.


    • absy
      absy commented
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      Same here, im fine with changing colours in forum, but a simple thing like changing the actual text colour on the nav bar tabs ( not the hover colour), on vb 3 i would just go to vbmenu template but i have no idea what to change in stylevar.

      Id also like to add a vertical scrolling marquee on the home page and having no experience of using a home page, so no idea where the script goes lol

    • salam alaykom
      salam alaykom commented
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      thank you ^^

    • jumbo-mumbo
      jumbo-mumbo commented
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      Thanks for that.... this help me creating new styles
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