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vBulletin 4.0 Beta 4 Now Available!


  • Don Kuramura
    started a blog post vBulletin 4.0 Beta 4 Now Available!

    vBulletin 4.0 Beta 4 Now Available!

    We are excited to announce the release the new Beta 4 versions of vBulletin 4.0 Publishing Suite and vBulletin 4.0 Forum. If you have an active vBulletin license, you can download your copy of Beta 4 from the vBulletin Members Area at: .

    Beta 4 fixes more than 140 bugs since the release of Beta 3 last week. Thank you everyone who has filed bugs in our bug tracker. If you find a new bug, please continue to file bugs here:

    Highlights of what’s Fixed and New in Beta 4:
    • (updated) New Posts and Search Results have updated Style.
    • Fixed Password Protected Forums bug
    • Fixed Promote to Article bugs
    • Fixed Ad Manager bugs
    • Fixed some usability bugs in the Attachment Manager
    • Fixed Video Players Aspect Ratio to 16:9
    • Fixed Multi-page comments browsing: Added anchor, comments links, comment page parameters
    • Fixed the CMS WYSIWYG to better handle images
    • Fixed Pagination in multi-page articles
    • (new) Added “Go to Last Post” link to the Recent Comments widget and Recent Forum Posts widget
    • (new) Ability to allow Not-Registered/Not-Logged-in (Guest) to comment on articles with Captcha
    • (new) Clicking on an article preview image now links to the article page
    • (new) Clicking on an image in the article page will bring up the lightbox and display the image in full size
    • (new) In Section Edit Page, we added a checkbox to limit the articles to display that section’s content only. Also, you can now choose to display/hide the “View All” link.
    • (new) In Article Edit Page, we added extra article “display settings.” You can now choose to display/hide the article’s title, author, published date, and pageviews.
    • (new) In Article Edit Page, we added an extra setting to the display the full article on the section page
    • (new) CMS Articles can now include attachments

    • sam123
      sam123 commented
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      Excellent Work !

      But there is one problem that i have noticed when i transferred site from vb4 beta 3 to vb4 beta 4.In the admincp in stylevar part there is nothing like vbcms_navwidget_header_color.While on the cms widget they have used that variable for widget background.

    • Eqvaliser
      Eqvaliser commented
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      just sitting here and waiting for beta 5

    • ngkong
      ngkong commented
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      when beta 5 available?
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