Since the new CMS went up on last Friday, we've received a ton of great initial feedback. We're reading every comment and taking everyone's input into consideration as we tweak the CMS. Thanks for the great response, and please keep the suggestions coming!

One theme we're seeing in the feedback is that people are finding our CMS tutorial articles valuable as they explore the CMS. I've just created a new tutorial article on Managing CMS Sections and Content. This article describes the various section features and attributes, including:

- Setting a unique style and layout for each section
- How to change the number of columns the articles will be displayed
- How to set section links on the top navbar
- How to manage which content to display for each section.
- Managing all the content assigned to a section and its sub-sections

You can check out the article here:

We also held our first Developer Chat yesterday evening, and got a great response. We plan to continue these chats on a regular basis. If you weren't able to join the chat live, you can find a transcript at:

Finally, some of you have asked for some more information about the vB team. Here's some background on me in case you're interested:

In my role as Director of Product Management for vBulletin, I oversee all aspects of the vBulletin product development process. I have quite a bit of experience in software, web, and mobile product development, and I'm having a blast applying my multi-platform skills to the vBulletin environment.

Before joining vBulletin, I worked at both big companies and small start-ups. At Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, I was the Director of Product Development, where I oversaw global mobile product development working on mobile games with brands like Spider-Man 2, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Snoop Dogg, and the New York Times. At American Greetings Interactive, I was the VP Product Management, where I headed all mobile, instant messaging, and social networking products. As an entrepreneur, I co-founded a company that developed social applications on the Facebook platform, and in 1999 I founded a company that designed innovative new toys for Mattel. I have a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from UC San Diego and also have a patent in multimedia databases.

We're all looking forward to the Public Beta release later this week! Stay tuned for more information.