Have you see them yet? Perhaps you've already noticed that some of the posts are tagged with a cool, shiny mobile device icon. What is that? Meet the cool new vBulletin "Mobile Device Signatures" feature available in vBulletin 4.1.5 - let's check it out and see how it works!

The Mobile Device Signature is a new feature that allows vBulletin site owners to automatically tag new posts created via their Mobile Applications (iPhone or Android) with a small customizable icon and URL based link. The device tag or signature will appear unobtrusively in the post's footer - this location is next to the small "Report Post" icon. The device signature is customizable via AdminCP and can link to your iTunes or Android stores as well as any other landing page or announcement you have configured for your mobile services. The icons are a fun way for you and your users to identify sources of content while browsing the forum - and a great way to integrate and promote your applications.

As with most functionality in vBulletin software - this feature can be configured, customized, extended or disabled completely via your Administration Control Panel.

How to Enable / Disable Mobile Device Signatures
Go to your Admin Control Panel -> Settings -> Options -> choose vBulletin API and Mobile Application Options
Here you will find a new block of settings called API Device Identification. Let's configure it!

How to Configure Mobile Device Signatures
By default, the Mobile Device Signatures settings are configured and actively support the vBulletin mobile suite iPhone and Android applications. Here, you can provide a URL link to your iTunes or Android stores to link visitors directly to your applications OR use an any URL - perhaps a landing page or an announcement you've created on your forum. Please note that at this time, the Mobile Device Signatures can only be configured on the global level and do not have support for advanced customization using usergroup or forum permissions.

Advanced Configuration, Compatibility and Requirements
The Device Signature functionality is only available in vBulletin 4.1.5 and relies on vBulletin (Mobile) API for device identification. With that said, however, the Device Signatures functionality can be extended to support custom devices and products as long as they use the API to create content. A separate blog post will be created describing the process of modifying the signature functionality.