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v403 CMS Permissions


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    v403 CMS Permissions

    In v402 CMS permissions were additive- each permission granted also granted the lower permissions. So, for example, if you had "Can Use HTML" rights you were also granted all other rights. There were several complaints about this, and it was clear that's not how the community wanted this. Also there were several people who wanted the ability to control access to view/download attachments.

    Therefore we have changed how CMS permissions work. In v403 there are two linkages:
    • If you grant any rights you have granted "view". I think it's fairly obvious that if you want someone to be able to, for example, download attachments that you meant them to be able to view the page.
    • If you grant "Can Use HTML" you have also granted "create" rights. Again, if you meant for someone to be able to enter HTML in an article you must have meant them to be able to create the article.

    Otherwise the rights are separate. So you could, for example, grant "publish" and "view" but nothing else. We also use javascript to display this relationship. So if, for example, you click "create" then the "view" list will be checked. If you uncheck "view" then all the other rights will uncheck.


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      Originally posted by ximcix;bt8233
      If a member, who does not have permission to "Use HTML in CMS Content" creates an excellent forum post with some HTML, & I the Admin, have all permissions enabled, clicks "Promote to Article" for that particular post, the HTML is NOT parsed in the article.

      A bit of ironing still needs to be done as far as permissions go.
      Absolutely true. That was a decision we discussed during the design, and my instructions were to do it this way. In v4.1 we are rethinking this. It's preliminary but the current plans are to rewrite so an article can have multiple authors, authors who aren't board members, etc. That will require rethinking this permission.

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      I just realized, that though I have my CMS set to where only the Admin can publish an article, that once a promoted post is published, the original author of that post can then EDIT it in the CMS. How do I disable this to where only the Admin can edit or publish content?

      The problem, in my eyes, is that this CMS publishing interface is too tricky for most folks, and I don't want someone editing their post and screwing up the HOME page of my site, because they didn't know what they were doing.

      Is there already functionality built-in to vB for me to control edit permissions of promoted posts, or is that inherited from the usergroup forum post permissions, or??? I do want to let my users edit their posts in the forums, but absolutely not in the CMS. Often, they will be the same posts, promoted from the forums to the cms.

      I need to ensure that I have control over the display of my cms and home page.

      Please advise.

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      We are waiting 4.0.3 ^_^
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