In version 4.02 we have added some new content settings. I think if you understand how they work you'll see that they give you some signification enhancements. If you don't understand how they work, they can cause problems for you. We did not foresee that this would cause confusion, and in the next version we'll tweak the interface to make it clearer. But for now..

If you refer to the attached figure, you will see three shaded areas.

First I call your attention to the upper right, where it says "Show on Section Widget". I apologize for the phrasing. We should have just called it "Hide". If you set this on, three things happen.
  • This section will not display in the section widget.
  • This section does not appear in the breadcrumb. When a user in on an article page in that section, the breadcrumb makes it look like the article is one level higher.
  • Only a user with at least edit rights in that section will be able to see the section page. This is different from permissions- they will still be able to see the articles inside the section, but not the section display page.

We created this option primarily so you could create what many people call a "static" page. Let me call your attention to the third point. Some people have innocently turned this on for their home page. If you do that, your home page becomes inaccessible to normal users or not-logged-in users.

This is certainly the easiest way to make your site unusable. Please use it with care. We added this so you have a way to create a subsection where you can create static pages. If you don't know what these are you probably shouldn't EVER turn this on.

Second, let me call your attention to the Display Order dropdown on the upper left. It determines order but also some of the options limit what iis displayed. The options here are
  • Manual, then by date: First will be any articles to which you have assigned an order, in that order, then everything else by date.
  • Manual only: Only articles to which you have assigned an order, in that order.
  • Newest First: Everything sorted by date.
  • Newest First by Section: The newest article from each section, sorted by date.
  • Alphabetical: Everything, sorted alphabetically.

Third, the "Content From" dropdown. The options are "Include Subsections" and "Section Only". If you have all your content in subsections and you have this set on the home page, then you won't see any articles. There is a caveat to this. In general when setting parameters, more specific supercedes less specific. If you have assigned display orders to articles in subsections, this is a more specific setting, so we will display these even if you have selected "Section Only". If that's what you want, please clear the sort order in the table below and click "save".