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vb3.8 Beta 3


  • Darren Gordon
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    vb3.8 Beta 3

    Hey everybody.

    We've been very busy testing and fixing for vBulletin 3.8's release. Beta 3 is now up and running here on Aside from general bug fixing there have been a couple of feature changes that you might be interested in...

    Private Message History

    A new private message history feature has been implemented. When you receive a message from another user that is inreply to something you sent them, you can now view a history of replies.

    This is useful when you receive a message from someone and you cannot recollect the original discussion. The message history keeps track of all messages that have been replied to back and forward since an original message, allowing you to view the full discussion. There are some caveats that should be noted:
    • The message history will only ever show messages from your own message folders. For this reason, if you do not save sent messages then they will not be displayed; nor will messages that you delete.
    • The message history only displays messages that are older than the current message.
    • Message history will only be shown for PM's sent since vB 3.8 Beta 3.
    • Messages sent since Beta 1 will show the message history option but it will display 'This message has no saved history'.
    • If you save a copy of a PM when you send it, that PM will always have a message history option and open with 'This message has no saved history'.

    Social Group Icons

    When a user creates a social group, they will now be prompted to upload an icon during the group creation process. Additionally, the new usergroups and random usergroup on the group overview will favour groups that have icons. This ensures that the group overview appears interesting, and is not simply full of the default ? icon, as well as encouraging users to maintain their groups with interest.

    vBulletin 3.8 will be with you shortly

    Bonus Feature: A 'Save & Reload' button has been added to the plugin editor so that changes can be applied, tested, changed, tested more easily.

    • NeutralizeR
      NeutralizeR commented
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      This is a test.

    • Bad Bunny
      Bad Bunny commented
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      Yeah, Private Message History! There we go! FINALLY!

    • notrick
      notrick commented
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      When is it scheduled to get released? Do it before 26th January Indian Republic Day Please.

      BTW I love this new feature "Private Message History". Hope to see it soon on my forum
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