Last week I was talking about Social Group Discussions. As RvG rightly pointed out, there was no screenshot of the discussions themselves. Mostly the view within a discussion is a lot like the message wall was previously, with the messages now being a little more self contained (like the comments here). Messages are now viewed from top to bottom like threads, with quick replies being added at the bottom. Social bookmarking is also available, and of course inline moderation.

When viewing a discussion, the group information is no longer displayed; allowing the user to focus on the discussion itself.

The discussion list is much like forum threads, or the group list view and has full inline mod, a quick select menu as well as a quick title search.

Private Messaging
This week I want to talk more about a few improvements to Private Messaging.

Previously PM's were only sorted by date. Most people will find this best for their default view, but sometimes you want to see what messages you've had from other people. PM's can now be sorted by sender and title as well as date. Interestingly, the PM's continue to be grouped based on the chosen sort method. For example, if you select Sender, each message will be grouped by the username of the person who sent the message.

...and if you select title, the messages will be grouped within A-H, I-P, Q-Z, 0-9 et cetera.

You can also find messages with a new filter that has been added to select messages within a date range, or by searching the sender or the message title.

Previously you could select several messages to perform an action on them (such as move to folder or delete). However, your selection was limited to a single page. Now you can search through all of your PM's, selecting multiple messages from multiple pages and folders before performing an action on all of them.

The 3.8 release is gaining momentum and you'll be able to see it in action here on vbulletin.com soon. As always, feedback and comments are usefull and welcome

P.S. Quick Edit is now available for Visitor Messages and Picture Comments, making moderator's lives that bit easier.