4.1.12 is only a few days away from release, and should be going on vb.com very shortly.

Its a mix of fixes, improvements and of course Forum Runner integration.

In the CMS quite a few bugs have been fixed, covering widgets, articles, previews, comments and tagging.
The posting of CMS comments has also been upgraded to use ajax in the same manner as forum posts and blog posts, i.e. not reloading the whole page again.

A few more user hook requests have also been added, both in templates and the code.

Several problem queries have been looked at and improvements made, which will help with server resources.

On top of this, three more areas have been converted from using 'bit' templates to the vb:each syntax, thus saving on more multiple template rendering calls.
The three areas done are the Memberlist display, The Who's online Display and the Infractions listing on the usercp page.

A number of the small remaining CKE issues have been looked at, and the mode switch button has been moved back to the right (where it always used to be).

Internally, a number of small code errors and inconsistancies have been fixed (mostly invisible to the user, but fixing unnecessary resource usage or potentil bugs).

Finally, a number of MAPI updates and fixes for the Mobile apps, required for them to move on to the next version (1.3).

A list of all the current approved jiras for 4.1.12 can be found here ;