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    Java Java Java

    There is something distinctly refreshing about re-visiting a past tool that you've used; much like finding an old install of Diablo 1 and losing 5 hours as you remember exactly how much fun it is to play. I dare say I'll experince the same with StarCraft2 and Diablo 3 at some point.

    Though for now it's the rekindled fun of programming with Java (no no not for vBulletin, don't fret), the Sun Microsystems variety.

    It's been near 6-7 years now, so getting back up to speed in version 6 for an upcoming (series of) certification goal(s) I've set myself has been interesting. As well as a fun side project.

    As with learning anything that has cross over (i.e. an OO language, when coding for vBulletin in PHP) can only benefit you as a developer to have a more all-round approach. No person is an island, and no one technology is a cure-all.

    I had a thought this year that I wanted to learn a new language, though I thought it was going to be French with my partner ........ not Java (which she dosen't really have an interest in !).

    The change in development perspective has been a welcome addition to the day.

    As for vBulletin, the work is progressing well (as I'm more so on the main team now opposed to just ImpEx) and I'm impressed by what I'm seeing the team produce.

    As for now .......... time for a cup of Java, a few pages of Java and checking out a holiday that might take me though Java.

    • Ryan Ashbrook
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      Diablo 1 was great, I used to play it all the time.

      Still, if you go with old games, I gotta go for the first Warcraft or Age of Empires: Rise of Rome.

    • simsim
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      Originally posted by Jerry;bt5236
      I can't think of any reasons at the moment I'd use a MS product with the world of Open Source.
      Amen! I have come to realize this too late unfortunately, but I'm so glad I've seen the light at last.

      I can't think of any reasons at the moment someone would use a MS product other than utter ignorance of other alternatives!

    • FreshFroot_
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      Java is the best. It's what they taught us in programming. They say if you know Java, than everything else eg. C, C++ etc... is very easy to use.

      EDIT: Jerry. Do you have an email I can contact you at? I have a few non vB related questions, which I think you could give some insight on. Let me know.

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