Anyone who runs a color-calibrated workflow and has switched to Vista will be aware that there is a serious problem relating to ICC profiles having their gamma values periodically 'forgotten' by Vista.

[ATTACH]264[/ATTACH]Thus far, in order to get around this, I have been using a freeware tool called 'Display Profile' to force Vista to load up the correct profile and gamma LUT for my displays. However, as I run a triple-monitor setup, that means a lot of messing around each time Vista breaks the profiles - which happens a lot, due to the way that the Zend Studio for Eclipse has to be run with Administrative privileges, causing a UAC confirmation every time I want to run the application.

I've been keeping a regular eye on what appears to be the best Google result for information on this subject, here at, but so far it's all been bad news.

Today, I read in a comment on that blog that said that as far as the author could tell, Vista SP1 does not address the problem, so I got in touch with the Windows Experience Color Team and received a very helpful and informative response from their program manager.

To summarize, it's a known problem (and has been known for a long time) and it's caused by the fade-to-black transitions that Vista uses during login, resume, UAC check etc. The black fade is achieved by manipulating the gamma tables, but after the fade is completed the system fails to restore the correct values.

There will not be a fix in Vista SP1, but the fix has been cleared for release as a Windows Update Hotfix shortly after SP1.