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vBulletin Update #42


  • Freddie Bingham
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    vBulletin Update #42

    I spent quite a lot of the last few months working on the vB4 style. Obviously, there was a lot of HTML to convert to the proper semantic style. Kier converted a lot before he left and I was assisting him in that process.

    There was just too much HTML to convert for one person so Alpha is very much an alpha in terms of the style. It is very rough around the edges and usability is being worked on.

    A few days ago I added a popup to the editor that allows a video url (youtube, metacafe, etc) to be input, which results in a video bbcode being output. The result is that you can finally embed videos in your posts. The timeframe and requirements did not allow me to include a method by which end users can add their own video services but I'm sure that can be handled in the near future.

    At the moment I am working on the asset manager, working on its usability.


    • Floris
      Floris commented
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      Can't wait for the next blog and hear more info about the development.

    • anthonyparsons
      anthonyparsons commented
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      Lovely... sounds as though you are doing some great work, and I mean the entire team. Video was certainly the main item I requested... integration would be excellent in future developments.

      Thanks... can't wait to begin playing with it.

    • redlabour
      redlabour commented
      Editing a comment and are are missing - they are the 2 greatest Video-Services at Germany.
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