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vBulletin Asset Manager Demo #2


  • Freddie Bingham
    started a blog post vBulletin Asset Manager Demo #2

    vBulletin Asset Manager Demo #2

    Here is the second demo of the asset manager. I was under a hurry so please bear with me. The screencast recorder seems to have a few issues as my audio was cut off in a few places.

    I also forgot to mention that you can resize each of the panels by dragging the borders.

    • Ryan Ashbrook
      Ryan Ashbrook commented
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      Originally posted by Freddie Bingham;bt5671
      Ryan Ashbrook:
      At present, existing duplicates are carried over. It is something I still wish to handle. I can probably group by the filehash and deal with them without too much issue.

    • Lizard King
      Lizard King commented
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      Your response is great Freddie , thanks for supplying detailed info
      Now all my worries about the system is gone. I wish you could also post info about the first set date

    • alex2k5
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      Have a suggestion - Would be nice to have ability to mark assets into a "usergroup pool" which can be accessed by all members of a certain usergroup.

      Reasoning - Admins may want to post announcements or news updates, and the same image may be used over and over as a thumbnail or in-post image. Instead of each admin uploading one time so they have access to it, you can pull up your "usergroup pool", and choose from there.

      I guess removing the ability to offer this to the registered usergroup or other large usergroups would be needed, as you dont want someone pooling all attachments for everyone to add/delete, and the DB to call and load. Maybe make it a config file variable to enable that, so novices dont do it by mistake.
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