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vBulletin Asset Manager Demo #2


  • Freddie Bingham
    started a blog post vBulletin Asset Manager Demo #2

    vBulletin Asset Manager Demo #2

    Here is the second demo of the asset manager. I was under a hurry so please bear with me. The screencast recorder seems to have a few issues as my audio was cut off in a few places.

    I also forgot to mention that you can resize each of the panels by dragging the borders.

    • Shelby
      Shelby commented
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      Originally posted by Freddie Bingham;bt5671
      I am working on replacing the upload systems in albums and groups with this system. The categorization of assets is distinct from the categorization of albums, they are not the same thing, no matter how much you wish for the lines to be blurred between them. Albums are a contenttype, Posts are a contenttype, Entries are a contenttype, Groups are a contenttype. You will be able to reuse any of your assets in any of these contenttypes.
      I'm confused now. An album is a content type...

      So, an image is an asset, and upon upload I'm going to be able to choose which content type I want that asset placed in? Whether it be a post, or an album? Is that what you're saying, because up till this point, this system has only been for posts, and blogs.

      You forgive me if I'm having trouble understanding. Because, I'm having a hard time finding any information as to how the new asset manager related to albums as a content type. Can you explain further?

      Also, aparantly I'm not alone in this confusion...

      Originally posted by Lizard King;bt5634
      As Shelby said , why dont we integrate this feature to albums also ?
      Originally posted by Tigratrus;bt5638
      1. How will this interact with the Albums?

    • hornstar6969
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      What happens if a member spams a virus and another member spams that same virus. Will I as admin be able to globally delete that attachment in the assests or will it be a real hassle to delete?

    • Razasharp
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      Originally posted by Freddie Bingham;bt5671
      I am simply replacing the system by which files are uploaded within vBulletin. We plan to extend the multi content type search to cover attachments, just not in this first release. This would include tags.
      Sounds good Freddie - and thanks for taking the time to answer us all and for posting to your blog.

      I really do wish there was a dedicated 2-way feedback system so we can let you know our thoughts about things before you start work on them - asking us simple things like 'how can we improve attachments' etc - I think it would really help vB.

      Ray promised we were getting one but he seems to have forgotten about it... maybe you can give him a gentle nudge for us.
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