Looks like simsim, nailed it really quick with the CMS guess as to the surprise that I alluded to in my last blog entry.

CMS development is very much a group effort. I have been doing more of the javascript related components. I hope to be able to show you some of the interface for moving content blocks about on the layout soon.

I've also implemented a generic overlay interface, the "lightbox" method that attachments use, that we will be utilizing in the CMS to accept some user input. Below is an example of the current state of the overlay, which is subject to change.

Yes, I know it isn't much...

vBulletin 4 development is also a group effort.

I have implemented a consistent interface for defining friendly URLs in the code base as well as in the templates.

The attachment system has been extended so that products and vBulletin now share the same core database tables and filesystem for reading and writing attachments. Reuse of existing attachments is now automatic when a duplicate file is detected on upload. The current attachment interface will be replaced with a javascript based interface that gives an overview of your uploaded content, allowing for easy insertion of existing content. The interface is planned for the first vB4 release but I can't promise that it will make it.

After vB 4 is released, the blog will have a release that imports the blog attachments into the centralized attachment system.