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Blog Development: Featured Entries


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    Blog Development: Featured Entries

    With our first release of vBulletin Blog, you were limited to having only one featured entry. Many of you asked to be able to feature multiple entries at the same time. With that goal in mind, I moved the featured entry settings from the vBulletin Options into a more robust Featured Entry Manager.

    Featured Entry Manager

    There are three options for choosing an entry to be featured.

    Random Entry - An entry is randomly chosen from the defined criteria.
    Specific Entry - Blogid of the desired entry is given.
    Latest Entry - The latest entry based on the defined criteria.

    The 'defined criteria' is the meat of the system, the various aspects of the entry that allow you to limit the results.

    Defined Criteria

    You will be able to limit entries based on
    • Username (Random and Latest)
    • Primary Usergroup (Random and Latest)
    • Secondary Usergroup (Random and Latest)
    • Specific Date Range (Random)

    In addition to these limits, you may also choose to only pull entries from
    • Past 24 hours
    • Past Week
    • Past Month
    • Past Year
    • The Beginning

    You can also choose to enable bbcode parsing per featured entry. The random and latest featured entries are cached and you may define the cache period independently. You can check for the latest blog entry every 1 minute and choose a random entry every hour.

    Your new front page could look like:

    Check back soon for more information on the forthcoming blog update.
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