vBulletin Blog Installed on vBulletin.com

Have you noticed the Blogs link up there in the navbar?

The development of the vBulletin blogging product has progressed to the point where we have installed it onto vBulletin.com's forum for the use of all licensed registered visitors, in order to receive feedback and bug reports etc.

Currently we are running only the blogging component, not the social networking part, which needs further work before being ready for deployment here.

Please feel free to blog away with the tools at your disposal, and make use of trackback and/or pingback to link your blog at vb.com to blogs elsewhere - this is one of the primary things we'd like to test on a larger scale here on vbulletin.com.

Before you start blogging, you may want to add a name and description to your blog. This can be done via your Blog Control Panel, a link to which can be found on every blog page, or in the list of links from your User Control Panel. It would probably also be useful to set your default blogging options and create some blog categories, the forms for which are also in the Blog Control Panel.

We hope you enjoy exploring vBulletin's new Blog systems and we look forward to receiving your feedback.