One question I've seen repeated in our Ticket System of late, particularly from potential new customers is "Can I make people pay to register with your software?". Simple answer - yes!

There's a few steps needed but none of these are complicated...

1. Setup your Paid Subscription Provider

Firstly, you will need to choose which Payment handler you are going to use. To do this, go to:

AdminCP > Paid Subscriptions > Payment API Manager

Here you can choose which provider(s) you wish to use for your Subscription system. Click on 'Go' next to the one(s) you wish to use then setup the details accordingly:


2. Setup your Paid Subscription

The next step is to setup the subscription itself. For this, go to:

AdmincP > Paid Subscriptions > Subscription Manager

...and click 'Add new Subscription'.

Complete the details on this page to suit your wishes (cost, whether it's a monthly, annual fee etc), ensuring that:

- the 'Active' flag is set to 'Yes' and
- 'Display during registration' is set to 'Yes'

Press Save.

You have now setup the subscription you want your users to take out. If you wish to make additional options available, for example, for different membership 'levels', repeat the process above for each Subscription.

3. Make Paid Subscription compulsory

To do this, it's as simple as a setting change:

AdminCP > Settings > Options > User Registration Options > Paid Subscription during Registration

There are two options here:

- Yes (This makes all registrations require a paid subscription)
- No (This enables users to opt whether they take a subscription or not during registration)

You have now setup having a Paid Subscription available to your users when they register on your site.