vBulletin's CMS allows you to create smaller applications that fill in the Layout content. Where the Layout used organizes the Widgets and orders how they appear, itís the individual Widgets that define what sorts of data are displayed. Widgets can be added, deleted, and edited through the Widget Manager in AdminCP.

Creating A New Widget

To create a new Widget, go to AdminCP > vBulletin CMS > Widgets:

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Clicking on Create New Widget will open the following page allowing you to choose from a pre-defined list of Widgets or to create your own (please see attached PDF file for a description of each of these widgets):

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From this screen, select one of the Widget Types then give your Widget a title. This will be shown at the top of the widget. The Description field doesn't show - this is purely for within AdminCP to help identify the Widget. Once youv'e entered these fields, press the 'Save' button and you'll be taken back to the Widget Manager with your new Widget showing on the list.

To configure your new Widget, click on the 'Configure' link beside the Widget name:

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This will open an AJAX window which, depending on the Widget Type selected earlier, will give you several options to configure your widget for use. The following example is for the 'Recent Posts' Widget:

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Once you've edited the settings as you wish, simply click 'Save' and your widget will now be configured, ready to be added to the Layout you're using.

Editing a Widget

To edit a Widget, simply access the Widgets in the same manner in AdminCP. Here you have two choices:

1. Edit the Widget Title via the 'Go' button or
2. Edit the Widget configuration via the 'Configure' link

Option 1 will give you a simple interface such as this:

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Simply edit the title field, any description (if necessary) and click on 'Save'.

For Option 2, this will bring up the configuration window as per the Widget Creation. Simply follow the same steps as above.