There are a number of different elements of a Section in the CMS that you can edit, including (but not exclusively):

- renaming
- setting a specific style
- changing the layout
- changing what's viewed in a Section

As opposed to creating a Section, these changes are made via the user visible, or 'front end', side of the CMS. For all of the following, you need to go to the Section page you wish to edit and click on the pencil icon beside the Section name:

Rename A Section

To rename a Section, simply remove the contents of the 'Name' field and enter the new title you wish to give it. Then, change the SEO URL Alias value to match the Section name and edit the Metadata Information box to reflect the changes also:

Once you've updated these details, simply press the 'Save' button and your changes will be applied:

When making changes to the CMS Sections, it's always advisable to Clear the CMS Cache and this should be done after each of the actions in this article. To do this, access AdminCP > vBulletin CMS and press the Clear CMS Cache Option:

Edit A Section's Layout & Style

Each Section can have a different layout as defined in the CMS Layout Manager in AdminCP. To change the Layout, simply click on the 'Layout' dropdown on the Section Edit page:

Each Section within the vBulletin CMS can have it's own style defined to it and the articles within that Section. Once you've created a style you wish to use for a specific Section, you need to assign that style to the Section itself. From the Section edit screen, simply change the dropdown to the style you wish to use for that section:

After making either of these changes to the Section, click on 'Save' then clear the CMS Cache in AdminCP.

Edit a Section's Content's Display Properties

Each Section can display different content in different ways:

- the order in which content is displayed
- whether content is shown only from that Section or Sub-Sections also
- the number of columns on the page to display that content
- how many items are displayed per page

You can edit these from the same Section Edit screen:

Display Order

There are a number of options available here, these are listed below:

- Manual, then by date

This option allows you to 'pin' specific articles to the top of the Section then have any further articles displayed in date order - Newest > Oldest.

- Manual Only

Sections set to use a Manual Only display order will require the Admin to determine the order in which articles are displayed (see end of this section)

- Newest First

Articles will be displayed in date order within the Section, from Newest > Oldest

- Newest Per Section

If you opt to show content from more than one Section (i.e. this and any Sub-Sections), this option will show only the newest items from each Section

- List Alphabetically

This will list articles in alphabetical order

Content From

- This Section Only

When this option is selected, content will only show if it's been saved to the Section you're editing. No content from Sub-Sections will show with this option.

Please note however that should you manually select articles from the 'Display Content from Sub-Sections?' of the Section editor, these WILL show regardless of the selection of this setting.

- Include Sub-Sections

To display content from the Section you're editing and any Sub-Sections it has, you will need to select this option

Content Columns

There are six different options to choose from with regards to the column layout within the Section. These are:

- 1 Column

Content will display in a single column, articles one under the other

- 2 Column

Articles will display in two columns working in a grid system:

Article 1 Article 2
Article 3 Article 4

- 3 Column

As above however this will utilise 3 columns:

Article 1 Article 2 Article 3
Article 4 Article 5 Article 6

- 1x2 Column

The first article will cover the width of the Content area with subsequent articles displaying in two columns:

Article 1
Article 2 Article 3

- 2x1 Column

This option sees the first two articles displayed in 2 columns with the articles in a single ccolumn
spanning the width of the content area:

Article 1 Article 2
Article 3
Article 4

- 1x3 Column

This is similar to the 1x2 Column option however this will display the second article onwards in 3 columns:

Article 1
Article 2 Article 3 Article 4

Per Page

This setting determines how many articles are displayed in the Section.

After changing any of these values, simply click 'Save' then clear the CMS Cache in AdminCP.

Display Sections in Sub-Nav

From the Section editor screen, it's possible to determine what Sections will show in the Sub-Navigation immediately under the NavBar while a user is browsing the CMS. To do this, simply check the relevant boxes for the Sections you wish to display then set the order in which you wish to see these:

Once you've set the options up as you wish, simply press Save and clear the CMS Cache to view these on your sub-NavBar:

Section Publishing Options

Each Section can have a separate set of Publishing Options. These options determine whether a Section is published, when it was/will be published, whether to have pagination links on the Section and whether guests can view the Section.


If a Section isn't published, none of the content within the Section will be visible. Select 'Yes' to make the Section and any content Published within it visible to users with sufficient permissions.

Publish Date/Time

This allows you to hold content within a Section until a future date and publish automatically on the date and time specified

Pagination Links

If you have a greater number of articles in a Section than the 'Per Page' setting as described previously, older items will not be seen unless you set this to 'Yes'. Once you reach the number from the 'Per Page' setting +1, the Pagination links will appear within the article listing in that Section.

Show on Section Widget

This option allows guests who may not have permission otherwise to see the contents of a Section. If this is set to 'Yes', the Section will appear in the Section Menu and be accessible, and not if set to 'No'. A guest accessing the Section via a direct link when the option is set to 'No' will receive the 'No Permission' page and login form.


This is another area where you can move a Section to within another. If you highlight another Section on the list, after saving the Section you've just edited will become a Sub-Section of the highlighted one.

Read Access

This is simply a list of the Usergroups which will have Read Access to the Section - permissions are not editable via this interface.

Display Content From Sub-Sections

This section at the foot of the Section editor allows you to override some of the previous settings and set individual articles to be visible within the Section. From here you can also change:

- the display order
- whether those without permission to view articles can see the preview on the Section itself (Permission Preview)
- publish status

From here, you can also see how many hits and comments each article has had plus, by checking the box at the end, delete individual articles after pressing 'Save'.