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vBulletin 4.1.2 Vertical Response Integration


  • vBulletin 4.1.2 Vertical Response Integration

    As part of vBulletin 4.1.2, vBulletin has integrated with VerticalResponse.
    VerticalResponse is a leading e-mail marketing provider, more information on VerticalResponse is available here.

    What does this integration do?
    It will enable easy export of e-mail lists to VerticalResponse to market your website.

    How is this different than the inbuilt vBulletin e-mail system?
    VerticalResponse are a professional e-mail service, they enable a managed e-mail delivery system (with tracking), provide reporting on open rates, click rates (including heat maps), and enable easy management of your e-mail list and delivery. Essentially they provide extremely sophisticated tools to ensure you are able to maximize the marketing opportunity

    Does it cost anything to utilize?
    It will - we have been able to arrange both a free trial program for you to test it, as well as cheaper rates if you wish to utilize VerticalResponse's service. Further details can be found here.

    Will utilizing VerticalResponses integration blacklist my site as e-mail spammers?
    No, it actually reduces the likelihood of your website being blacklisted. E-mails sent through VerticalResponses systems utilize a separate domain and e-mail alias, and sending e-mails through their system will not impact your websites e-mail delivery.

    Does this impact vBulletin's inbuilt e-mail system?
    No - that still exists as it does today, it will not be run by VerticalResponse, and you will not have to pay to continue to utilize it.

    Does this integration with VerticalResponse impact other vBulletin development (i.e. further development on the e-mail system, or other further development on vBulletin?
    It does not. We intend on enhancing our inbuilt e-mail system.

    Where can I find out how to utilize this?
    Under the Vertical Responseā„¢ option in your adminCP in versions 4.1.2 and above.

    What is required to run VerticalResponse?
    VerticalResponse requires (in addition to vBulletin's technical requirements), a SOAP client to be compiled into your PHP version. Information on how to install SOAP can be found here.

    • stonepilot
      stonepilot commented
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      Just FYI, the company's name is VerticalResponse, one word not two words Vertical Response. This looks to be a dog to me, I can't find ANY information on what exactly is included in the integration.

    • Bengie
      Bengie commented
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      And, as you wrote this in March and it is now December, you will have noticed that, as usual, no one on here gives a fig or can be bothered to explain either.

    • Loco.M
      Loco.M commented
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      And.. a year goes by
      is this even in 4.x anymore?
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