I hope that the New Year is treating you well, and that you and your family had a pleasant holiday season. Share with us what you did!
We are back into "the swing of things" at vBulletin, and we wanted to provide you with an update to where we are with our development.

Updated Editor - when?
We would have liked to have it sooner - but it affects every area of the product, and is something that could be described as "high risk".

When is 4.1.2 going to be out?
It is in QA (i.e. soon)

What is going to be in it?
Bug fixes.
Mobile Style.

Mobile Style? Huh?
This will be a very lightweight mobile style designed to access from all mobile devices. Initially just with forums. It will be extended to support Blogs and CMS soon.

What else is in the works?
We are working on search currently, improving the speed, the relevancy of results, the user interface etc.
We are also working on improving some elements of the CMS

Mobile apps - when?
We have a workable Android app that still needs some work before installing on vb.com
We have made some major improvements to the iPhone app too (and are still working on it)
We are still on track with timing announced here