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4.1 feature - Improved Upgrader


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    4.1 feature - Improved Upgrader

    As part of vBulletin 4.1, Freddie has been working on an overhauled upgrade process.
    It enables upgrades to be performed seamlessly from vBulletin version 3.5.4+
    The upgrade can be run from command line as well, in case your board is sufficiently large that the upgrade process times out in your browser window.

    (sorry in advance for the poor audio - I did it off my laptops inbuilt microphone)

    • shahryar_neo
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      Originally posted by Ryan Ashbrook;bt9657
      Most servers do not allow PHP to write files to the filesystem unless they are CHMOD 777 for security reasons. For this to work you would have to CHMOD every file to 777, which is a huge security risk considering most admins won't bother setting them all back to 644.
      I think it's not hard to change the folder with all files permission quickly to 777 and change it again after upgrade .

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      When do you foresee the release of 4.1?

    • weiyan
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      The most fundamental feature:UTF-8 not addressed. I bought it because I saw Chinese UTF-8 support site. I can't believe the stupid product stategy Chinese have a modify core. Chinese site redirect to buy here and customer from English can not access Chinese support.

      For me, I am using Google Doc. I don't know how manay user benefit from this editor. Forgive my rants. I am tricked, very unhappy.
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