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vBulletin 4.0.4 Style Generator


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    vBulletin 4.0.4 Style Generator

    One of the features that has been requested heavily for vBulletin has been a way in which to make the creation of customer styles much easier.
    In 4.0.4 (to be released soon - currently being QA'd), we have such a feature, called the Style Generator.
    The feature will enable you to build a custom style for your site in under a minute.

    Here is a quick walk-through by Andrew Elkins of how to use the Style Generator feature that will be included in 4.0.4:

    Text of the vide with time markers.
    0:00 - vBulletin Logo
    0:05 - Hi, This is Andrew Elkins of the vBulletin Team and I'm going to show you the Style Generator that will be 4.0.4.
    0:13 - First, login to the admincp
    0:20 - And on the left side, under "Style & Templates", choose "Style Generator".
    0:25 - Here's the new style generator. One option to configure the color is to click and drag. Drag the primary color and I'll set it to orange and there's the secondary color which I will click and drag. I'll set that to yellow, for now.
    0:38 - If you want to input the number directly, I can do so by clicking "Hue" for the primary color. Set that to "0" for red. And then I'll click "Angle" for the secondary color. It's the angle between the primary and secondary color. I'll set that to 45.
    0:53 - And you can also choose a hex code. Which I'll set to... Pink.
    1:00 - You'll also notice that when I'm changing over here, it'll change the color in the preview and the palette.
    1:05 - Then also in the palette, you get options to click and configure each individual color more finely tuned.
    1:13 - If I click and drag, I'll make it even more pink.
    1:19 - You also see four scheme options. You have "color", "white", "grey", and "dark".
    1:21 - The white is a default style replacement. Instead of the standard blue it's the color that you choose.
    1:31 - Grey is a mostly grey background.
    1:32 - Dark is a mostly black background.
    1:34 - I'll choose to save it.
    1:35 - The options to save are similiar to the ones you would see when you import a new style.
    1:42 - Set a title. I'll say, "Hot Pink".
    1:46 - Display order, "20".
    1:51 - Parent style, I'll leave that.
    1:53 - And user selection, I'll choose yes.
    1:57 - Click save.
    1:59 - And done.
    2:02 - And then click "Hot Pink" to see the style.
    2:03 - And now you have a new style that is generated by the style generator in 4.0.4
    2:13 - This is Andrew Elkins and I hope you have a good day!

    • beatyourtruck
      beatyourtruck commented
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      Thanks and I hope this fixes (or makes better) the styling headaches I have had for the last few months. It sounds like you are headed in the right direction! 8)

    • pokesph
      pokesph commented
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      sorry this is just fail. Where are the options to change header images, logos, tcat gradients, and so on? what about custom item placement.. i.e. moving the menu to a sidebar or to the bottom, etc.

    • Drago13
      Drago13 commented
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      I am also having problems with the generator. It seems to be a Firefox issue.. It works fine in Explorer.. I hate Explorer... Anyway to fix this??
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