Ok, I promised a short “Road map” on the future of vBulletin.
Here is a list of what we have planned - you are welcome to provide feedback, I can't guarantee we will be able to incorporate it, but it is always welcome

4.0.3 – hopefully later this week. If all goes well, we are hoping to update vbulletin.com tomorrow (Tuesday 4/6/10)
4.0.3 includes:
(303 and counting)

4.0.4 – unconfirmed
4.0.4 includes:
  • Further Facebook integration, enabling publishing from Forums to Facebook and a few other nifty features
  • “Color picker” – this should enable to the creation of styles to be much easier, by auto-selecting relevant colors when creating a style
  • Further bug fixes

4.1 – hopefully 2nd half of 2010
4.1 hopefully will include
  • Updated CMS (here is a preview of what we are hoping it will look like – feedback is welcome!)
  • Updated attachment manager, to better manage photos/attachments etc.
  • Updated (and consolidated) Stylevars
  • Other regressions from 3 series like customizable user profiles
  • Customizable Navigation
  • CSS sprites
  • Further bug fixes

Beyond this, we have further development planned on the CMS, the blogs and forums.
We (as mentioned) will be rebuilding our attachment/gallery manager to improve the backend as well as the user interface.
We are also intending to make the admin interface easier to utilize and more straight forward.

Other things that we intend to develop:
In addition to developing our core products (CMS, Blogs, Forums etc.), we have 2 new products that we are developing to supplement the core vBulletin products, at this stage I can’t share any more on these items, but that they are in the works