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Alternative usages of the Project Tools


  • Floris
    started a blog post Alternative usages of the Project Tools

    Alternative usages of the Project Tools

    Hm, very interesting. I have been thinking about how to use the project tools in different ways then intended. For example, on one of my sites I use it as a support area for a style I've created. Another site I use it as a 'web site suggestion box' where users can post suggestions and discuss them with the staff and other members. On vBFans I also use it internally as 'staff tools', so we can discuss features, and add to do items for staff members.

    What unique ways have you come up with to use the project tools for?

    If you don't know what PT is, check the announcement forum here on vBcom It's a management tool that Jelsoft is now selling as official product, and I really like it! It's pretty cheap, so get yourself a license if you haven't

    What I like about the Project Tools is that it is really flexible. It has enough features and options to play with to make it just the way you'd like to have it on your site. It integrates just fine, and adapts to the vB style really well.

    What I miss so far is for example an option for a proper timeline and a roadmap and a more 'clean' interface that makes it more user friendly and easier to understand/learn.

    But for a first version it really is complete, and it has the functionality I have been looking for to manage projects and work with clients on features and items for web design. And it lets me handle tasks with staff members and have a place for my community to provide feedback. So I am really happy with it.

    Hopefully someone reading this has a few cool suggestions

    • Mixtoon
      Mixtoon commented
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      There are many ways to benifit from PT!

      I will think about it, and I hope to get a nice idea : )

    • Mazinger
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      With some addons you can build up something like quiz (competitions) system.

    • King Kovifor
      King Kovifor commented
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      As soon as I get a license, I've had this amazing idea for an add-on that will truly make it "Project Management". With file lists, change logs, file changes from previous version, bug fixes, and automatic announcement thread creation (with the changed templates, changed files, new files, removed files, 25 fixed bugs - with link to rest)... Just like how vBulletin's are. Just in a great way to do it.
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