Every so now and then I have support tickets or questions from friends asking if a certain file is part of vBulletin or not. They're also interested to see the changes between releases, maybe a file is new or now outdated.

To make a quick search for myself, and to quickly find which files belongs to what directory I have created a little vbls (vBulletin List) script that displays it neatly on a web page. Having it online means that you can also take a look.

I will only cover the latest stable releases per branch and list only vBulletin's official products. Note please that vbls is not an official Jelsoft page or script, nor will it be shared or supported. Regardless I hope it is a nice resource to some customers.


From the menu at the top you can select either one of the vBulletin latest stable releases and get their listing, or one of the official products. Optionally you can reset (default is the latest stable vBulletin forum software release version) and a link back to vBulletin.com

The legend is listed at the top, explaining what the colours mean. For example, if you see a directory it will list in a different colour. You can also click on the directory name, this will then highlight somewhere on the page the files in that directory. This way you can browse down and find out which files are inside this directory.

This is a listing, you can't use the files, download, view or edit them.