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  • Edwin Brown
    started a blog post Embedded Video Player

    Embedded Video Player

    I recently saw a forum thread requesting that vBulletin included a CMS video player. Two players that were suggested are
    JW Player at
    and OpenVideoPlayer at

    First, JW Player. Using the static html widget this is already available. (By the way, from v404 pretty much anything you can put in a static html widget you can also put into a static page if you like.)

    Here's what I did
    - Download the source code.
    - Unzip and upload the contents. I put the files in to a folder "/jwplayer".
    - Create a static HTML widget.
    - Upload the attached "movies.xml" file.
    - Include this as the contents. (This is of course copied from the JW website and edited to reflect the correct paths).

    This text will be replaced

    - Drop the widget onto your layout.
    And you have a working video player. You will need to edit the movies.xml file to reflect your video files of course.

    Now OpenVideoPlayer isn't distributed as a player, rather as source code for someone to use to build a player. Since I currently have no need for a video player I'm not going to take the time to build one now, but I do intend to browse around a bit, and if I find another player I like I'll post instructions for using that the same way.

    • syrus.xl
      syrus.xl commented
      Editing a comment
      @Edwin: I just noticed an issue in your coding. You need to add another parameter for wmode or any long DHTML menu drop-down will drop behind the actual flash player.

      So, this parameter needs adding:
      Just thought I would point that out..

    • dprice
      dprice commented
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      Got it figured out ...Great article

    • rootsxrocks
      rootsxrocks commented
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      Did you put up a demo Or have you looked at this more Edwin,
      You have obviously been chained to the keyboard we haven't seen a new blog post in a while.
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