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Signing Your App


  • 7. Signing Your App

    This article tells you how to sign your app for publishing and distribution. This is the seventh step in getting your vBulletin App submitted to Apple for Approval.

    Note: This is a series of articles describing how to enroll in the Apple and Android developer programs so that you can publish your vBulletin Mobile Apps. These instructions should be followed sequentially in order to limit confusion. The steps are fairly straightforward but can be time consuming and it is easy to lose your place. These instructions are also included in your vBulletin Mobile Suite download in a PDF format for easy printing.

    The fields shown in blue are the values you entered into the Mobile Publisher. Please refer to the documentation included in the Mobile Suite download for the value you entered.

    Note: In order to sign your App, you must have Xcode available. If you don’t have XCode installed yet, you will need to download and install it. Xcode is a 4 GB download so be prepared for this to take a while. As a registered Apple developer, you can download Xcode here: It can also be purchased in the Mac App Store. Once downloaded and installed, you can proceed.

    1. To resign your app you’ll need to get several pieces of information.
    2. Go to the iTunes Provisioning Portal:
    3. Click on “Provisioning” in the left column.
    4. Click on the “Distribution” tab.
    5. Find the provisioning profile for your application. It is listed as [placeholder-app-name] Profile
    6. Next to it in the App ID column is the Bundle Seed ID. Write down the 10 characters in front of .com.internetbrands.[placeholder-bundle-id]. This is the Bundle Seed ID. An example bundle seed id is circled above under the app id column. The Bundle Seed ID of the example is WS4SCBKTPD.
    7. In that same row is a Download Button to download the provisioning profile for that app. Download your provisioning profile. An example download button is circled in the screenshot above.
    8. Write down your company name, which appears after “Provisioning Portal” in the directly above the distribution tab. In the example screenshot from step 5, the company name is “Internet Brands, Inc”. It is case-sensitive. Alternatively, if you do not see your company name here, it will be listed in your Keychain application when you select your certificate. It should say "iPhone Developer: Company Name"
      Note: If you can't find your company, in Mac OSX go to Finder > Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access > My Certificate > Type the name that displays after iPhone Distribution:
    9. Unpackage which was bundled with this document.
    10. Create a new folder.
    11. Copy "" and "entitlements.template" from to the new folder.
    12. Copy the provisioning profile from step 7 to the new folder.
    13. Unpackage [placeholder-bundle-id]-AppleStore.[placeholder-version-no].zip. It will produce a folder called [placeholder-bundle-id].
    14. Copy the [placeholder-bundle-id] into the new folder.
    15. Open the terminal and change directory to the new folder.
      cd /my/new/folder/path
    16. Run the script with the following parameters:
      • [placeholder-bundle-id]
      • The Bundle Seed ID (from step 6)
      • The company name (from step 8)
      • The file name of the provisioning profile (downloaded in step 7)
      Example continuing with example data from steps 6-8:
      ./ myApp WS4SCBKTPD “Internet Brands, Inc.” 1A90BDB-4372-4E.mobileprovision
      Note: All fields are case sensitive.
    17. After the script has finished resigning your app, compress it. Right-click or CTRL-click on [placeholder-bundle-id] and select Compress “[placeholder-bundle-id]

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