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vB5 How To: Add a custom page to the navbar


  • vB5 How To: Add a custom page to the navbar

    This tutorial will help you to add a navbar link to a custom page that you have created using THESE instructions.

    Firstly, make sure you are logged in as an Admin - so you can access Site Builder.

    Then, switch Site Builder ON using the switch at the very top right of the screen.

    Then, click "Navigation Bar" from the site builder menu.

    Authenticate your admin session if required:

    You will now be presented with the Navigation Bar menu.
    Click "New Navigation Item".

    You will now be presented with the below menu:

    In our earlier tutorial, where we created the custom page, we gave it a URL.
    We now need to enter the following information:
    Navigation Item Name: The text you want to actually appear on this navbar tab.
    Target URL: The URL you gave this page. In our case, this was /home.

    If you require this tab to open in a new window, tick "Open in New Window".

    To restrict visibility of this tab to specific usergroups, click "User Groups: Edit" and select the required usergroups from the below screen:

    Back on the main screen, when you are happy click "Save".
    You can now see your new tab in the list of available tabs. You can drag these tabs up and down to reorder them to suit.

    When you are happy, click "Save Changes" at the top.

    Refresh your page, and test your new tab. If you have created both the page and the tab correctly, you should find your new tab

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