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PostRelease for vBulletin Installation Guide


  • PostRelease for vBulletin Installation Guide

    PostRelease is a content marketing platform allows brands to broadcast their content into as sponsored posts on relevant websites, forums and blogs. PostRelease allows your forum to generate revenue from major brands that are looking to engage readers with quality content rather than interrupt them with ads. Thousands of forums are already a part of the network and generating revenue with PostRelease.

    The PostRelease system for vBulletin is a vBulletin-approved plugin that manages the placement of the posts on your forum.

    These posts are clearly labeled as sponsored with the advertiser listed as the author. The posts are inserted as a new thread in the threadlist view of categories that are contextual relevant to the branded content. They are positioned as the first post just underneath any sticky posts in the category.

    Every sponsored post thread is closed so there are no community responses to review or manage.
    When a user clicks on a sponsored post, the user it taken to the post detail page on your site- the user does not leave your forum to read the post. You can choose to only show sponsored posts to your guest (not logged-in) users.

    The PostRelease plugin is designed to be easy to install and manage; you’ll have access to a dashboard that will let you control where posts can be placed and whom they are shown to. There is no commitment- you can uninstall the plugin at any time.

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    • audiokid
      audiokid commented
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      agree, vbulletin needs to make things that enhance our community and forums. Better search, Contextual Search would be cool, review section and keyword ads would be more what I am looking for.

    • karlm
      karlm commented
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      Indeed, I've found adsense makes similar errors in misunderstanding the context of my sites. In one case, I had a website for a friend's Turkey holiday-home in a town called 'Milkum'. I was confronted daily by advertisements for milk-products and various turkey dishes.
      In another case, a site I run promoted equal rights for men - yet insisted on putting feminist adverts on the page regardless that feminism promotes inequality for men (by practise, not claim).
      I wouldn't be surprised if similar misunderstandings will happen here too.

    • M.Iftikhar
      M.Iftikhar commented
      Editing a comment
      post release does not approved my account... because i live in pakistan. and they do not approved account of pakistani website owner......
      so i requested vbulletin add those thing that works all over the world......please think about this..........thanks
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