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  • CMS Slideshow Widget

    I couldn't find a simple step by step guide on how to implement a slideshow onto the vBulletin CMS so I decided to create one. This tutorial was created for a few people who've pm'd me about how to implement the "Nivo Slider."

    This is a very quick and simple tutorial on how to create a CMS Slideshow Widget on your vBulletin site. This utilizes the open source "Nivo Slider" and has been optimized for the vBulletin CMS.

    You can see more examples of it here...

    For proper installation, please make sure you follow all steps in order.



    Step 1 - Download and Edit Files
    • Download and extract the "" attachment from this article (located below).
    • Important!- Edit the "style.css" file(inside css folder) and change all the "" to your vBulletin site url.

    Step 2 - Upload Files
    Upload the "Slideshow" folder to your vBulletin root directory via FTP.

    Step 3 - Add Template
    Go to your vBulletin Admin Control Panel -> Style Manager -> Add New Template

    Input the following....
        vB Slideshow 
    Make sure you edit the template to the corresponding urls...

    Save. (Template saves in the "vBulletin CMS Templates" category.)

    Step 4 - Create Widget
    • Go to your Admin Control Panel -> vBulletin CMS -> Widgets -> Create New Widget
    • Choose "Static HTML"
    • Title: Slideshow
    • Save

    Step 5 (Linking Widget to "vbcms_slideshow" template)
    Click on "Configure" on the "Slideshow" widget.
    Input the following:
    • Enter Static Html: slideshow
    • Template Name: vbcms_slideshow
    • Save.

    Step 6 - Assign to Layout
    • Go to vBulletin Admin Control Panel -> vBulletin CMS -> Layout Manager
    • Select a layout to add the widget to.

    You've successfully added a vBulletin Slideshow Widget into your CMS!



    Customize CSS
    You can play around with the CSS settings by editing the following files...
    • css/style.css
    • css/nivo-slider.css

    Customize Slideshow Effects
    You can play around with the slideshow effects by adding/editing the following codes in the vbcms_template
    effect:'slideInLeft', // Specify sets like: 'fold,fade,sliceDown'
            animSpeed:250, // Slide transition speed
            pauseTime:8000, // How long each slide will show
            startSlide:0, // Set starting Slide (0 index)
            directionNav:false, // Next & Prev navigation
            directionNavHide:false, // Only show on hover
            controlNav:true, // 1,2,3... navigation
            controlNavThumbs:false, // Use thumbnails for Control Nav
            controlNavThumbsFromRel:false, // Use image rel for thumbs
    captionOpacity:1, // Universal caption opacity
            keyboardNav:true, // Use left & right arrows
            pauseOnHover:true, // Stop animation while hovering
    You can read more about customizing the slider settings here...
    Nivo Slider Usage

    Dynamic Slideshow (Pull Content From CMS Articles)

    Thanks to reefland for this guide on how to pull content from the CMS.
    Originally posted by reefland
    Here is how you might pull some dynamic content from the CMS.

    Create a plugin:
    Hook Location - vbcms_section_populate_start (vBulletin CMS)
    Name - Whatever you want
    Execution Order - 5

    (Note: in the code below, change the cnc.categoryid = 53 to whatever CMS categoryid you want to assign slider articles to)
    Plugin Code -
    PHP Code:
    $nivo_slider vB::$db->query_read(
    TABLE_PREFIX "cms_nodecategory cnc
    TABLE_PREFIX "cms_node cn
                 cnc.nodeid = cn.nodeid
    TABLE_PREFIX "cms_article ca
                 cn.contentid = ca.contentid
    TABLE_PREFIX "cms_nodeinfo cni
                 cn.nodeid = cni.nodeid
                 cnc.categoryid = 53
                 cn.setpublish = 1
                 UNIX_TIMESTAMP() > cn.publishdate
             ORDER BY
                 cn.publishdate desc LIMIT 5
    $list mysql_num_rows($nivo_slider);
         if (
    $list == 0) {
    "$list Results";
         } else {
    $rows mysql_fetch_array($nivo_slider)) {
    $nivooutput .='<a href="content.php?r='.$rows[nodeid].'"><img src="'.$rows[previewimage].'" title="'.$rows[title].'" /></a>';


    /* register variables */
    vB_Template::preRegister('vbcms_slideshow',array('nivooutput' => $nivooutput)); 
    Then place this in the vbcms_slideshow template created in Jaspers step:

         vB Slideshow

    ​This is untested but should work ok. Sorry if my code is not "optimized", that's not my specialty.
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    • benative
      benative commented
      Editing a comment
      Originally posted by reefland

      It looks like it is working for you.
      Ya, that slider at looks pretty awesome. I suppose that he used your modification to do that. but did you create a finished mod for this? I mean.. is there any direct link of the mod on which I can just download the file and install it as a product?

    • daanbiesterbos
      daanbiesterbos commented
      Editing a comment

      Such an ungrateful additude. You may not be able to get these 'things to work'. And this particular topic may not interest you, since it... Did not give you an easy, free & ready-to-go-solution to begin with. This is a very useful post for developers trying to get a grasp on how vb works under the hood. The more info the better of course. But I'm thankful to everyone who contribute to a community. How can you blame someone for not 'going all the way'? Did you feel someone wasted your time, for not giving you exactly what you needed?

      Originally posted by Alfa1
      Well its nice of you to write this up for those people. Even though the same is also available on and a link would have sufficed.

      I think that having a slider in the CMS is quite basic functionality and adding a JIRA feature request for this would make as much sense as posting a JIRA feature request for a better CMS. Like every CMS on the web, you have obviously noticed the demand for a slider for vbulletin. Then why not go all the way and add a slider thats shows the latest vbulletin content?

      Nothing has happened to the other 113 feature requests that I posted to JIRA, nor the 300 suggestions in the suggestions forums. Mind that this is a lot of effort gone to waste. So whats the use adding more?

    • Marccap
      Marccap commented
      Editing a comment
      everything is working except i cant see my text - any ideas?
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