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vBulletin 4.x Upgrade Instructions


  • vBulletin 4.x Upgrade Instructions

    When upgrading, the first step is always the same, in that you must log in to the vBulletin Members' Area and download the latest vBulletin package available. You will need to log-in to the Members' Area using the Customer Number and Customer Password that was emailed to you when you purchased your license:

    Members Area Login

    Once logged in, you will see a list of Current Licenses. For each active license that you own, there will be a Download vBulletin link that you can click.

    Click the link for the license you want to use and you will be taken to the download page, where you will be given options for how to download the latest vBulletin package.

    By default compression is performed on the JavaScript files included within the clientscript directory in order to reduce the size of the files. YUI Compressor is used to do this but you can choose uncompressed JavaScript files using the option described below.

    You can choose from the following options:
    • PHP File ExtensionAs a general rule, web servers will use .php as the extension for PHP scripts, but some servers may use a different extension, or you may simply wish to use a different extension out of your own preference. Various extensions are available here for you to choose.
    • Download File FormatThis option allows you to choose the compression format of the package you are about to download. Most people will want to download the .zip package as Windows® has in-built support for zip files. However, if you are downloading the package directly to a Linux server you may prefer to use the tarball (.tar.gz) format.
    • CGI ShebangThis option will only be of use to you if your server runs PHP as a CGI rather than as a web server module. If your server runs PHP as a CGI and requires a shebang (such as #!/usr/bin/php) then you can enter the required text here and it will automatically be inserted into whichever PHP files in vBulletin require its use.

    • Download FileUse this option to control the contents of the package you are about to download. For example, if you have previously installed vBulletin you will probably not need to download the images again, so you can use this control to specify that the package you download does not contain the images directory. You can also download the uncompressed JavaScript package with this option.

    When you have set the download options you can click the Download button to start the download. When the download prompt window appears, you should choose the Save option and choose a directory on your computer in which to save the package.

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    The package will then be downloaded and saved to the location you specified.

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    • Trevor Hannant
      Trevor Hannant commented
      Editing a comment
      Most, if not pretty well all (sensible) FTP software will overwrite only what's being uploaded. Anything that's not being overwritten will remain. Certainly every software I've used does this. For example, if on my server I have FolderA with contents:

      - filea.php (dated 1/1/2012)
      - fileb.php (dated 1/1/2012)
      - filec.php (dated 1/1/2012)

      ...and I upload a new copy of FolderA that only has:

      - filea.php (dated 2/2/2012)
      - fileb.php (dated 2/2/2012)

      The resulting FolderA on my server will contain:

      - filea.php (dated 2/2/2012)
      - fileb.php (dated 2/2/2012)
      - filec.php (dated 1/1/2012)

      That's how FTP software SHOULD be dealign with uploading - only overwriting the files that it's uploading leaving the others intact. I'd go through your software's settings and make sure there's not some bizarre option in there somewhere...

    • eggman
      eggman commented
      Editing a comment
      Hi Trevor and Zachary. Thank you... I have been traveling but will give a try later. Indeed, I think I have always had my client (FETCH) configured to overwrite and will check the settings. I just want to not screw up my upgrade effort. It has never been a problem - Alternatively if I drop the contents of the folder (not the root folder itself) it will only overwrite files with the same name and leaves others intact as you describe.

    • ddrum
      ddrum commented
      Editing a comment
      Can someone please make a step by step video tutorial of how to do that upgrade? Please! I beg of you. I learn better with video and that would really help from someone who knows how to do this!

      Thank you so much - Jasper - where are you?

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