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  • doc Stylevars

    The doc_ stylevars allow you to set up the basic format of your vBulletin style and determine how the basic page is set up in the browser. These stylevars are located in the Common stylevar group.


    Click on the element you need more information on.
    doc_background Changes the background style of the entire page. In the default style, this is the grey border around the content. Can include color and a background image. In the image above, this is the dark gray background.
    doc_width Sets the width of your vBulletin site within the margins specified above. In the default style, this is not set so the site will be rendered at full width. This is used to make fixed width styles that conform to the same size on any sized device. The style used in the image above originally had a doc_width of 960 pixels. It is the width of the white area in the image above. The default style uses 100% of available screen only offset by the left and right margins.
    doc_margin Sets the top, bottom, left and right margins of the page content. In the default style, this sets 0 pixel margins for the top and bottom. It also sets 35 pixel margins for the left and right. If you change the doc_width stylevar and want your vBulletin to be centered, set you left and right margins to auto.
    doc_minWidth This allows you to create dynamic or liquid depending on the space available. This specifies the minimum width that your style will support. Modern browsers will make the window at least this wide, even if the available display space is smaller. An example would be to support newer tablet devices or older monitors which predominantly have a width of 1024 pixels. You can set this to 960 pixels to account for margins, browser scrollbars and other window elements.
    doc_maxWidth Used in conjunction with doc_minWidth above. This specifies the maximum width that your style supports. Modern browsers will limit the width to this size. Using this, you can restrict the width on large format devices like 30" monitors. This provides a more comfortable viewing environment. For example if you don't want your site wider than 1400 pixels you can set this here.
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