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Stylevar Types


  • Stylevar Types

    The following lists show you the type of stylevars and the inputs available to them.

    Simple Stylevars
    Simple stylevars usually have a single option to set. These include strings, numbers, image paths, image names, colors, and others.
    • String - Allows you to specify any string value
    • Numeric - Allows you to specify any numeric value
    • Url - These stylevars require a valid URL
    • Path - Simple relative path here i.e. ./images/
    • Color - Allows any valid CSS color value including named colors, RGB, and Hex Values. Provides a color palette tool.
    • Image Directory - Allows you to specify a directory where images are located. This will be relative to the directory the software is installed in.
    • Image - Allows you to specify a valid image type
    • Font List - Specify a list of fonts in comma delimited format for typography
    • Size - Set the size of elements. Includes a dropdown for the unit type (pt, px, em, etc...)

    Complex Stylevars
    Complex Stylevars have a variety of options usually denoting the complex nature of the setting. These stylevars include backgrounds, fonts, text decoration, dimensions, borders, padding and margins.
    • Background - Specify the different attributes of a background. This includes image url, color, horizontal/vertical offsets and repeat values.
    • Font - Specify the font for elements. Includes font family, size, weight, and transformation.
    • Text Decoration - Specify the text decoration of an element, e.g. underline, strike-through, overline.
    • Dimension - Sets the dimension of an element. Both horizontal and vertical be set.
    • Border - Sets the border of an element including left, right, top, bottom, width, variation and color.
    • Padding - Sets the padding around the contents of a block element.
    • Margin - Sets the margins of a block element. Note: To automatically center the contents of an element horizontally, set the values for the left and right margins to auto.
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