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  • No Permission Errors

    No Permission Errors

    The client may receive "No Permission" errors at almost every method call in the 'errormessage' array. Here's a list of possible "No Permission" errors.

    • nopermission_banned
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  • Commonly Returned Arrays

    Commonly Returned Arrays

    This document lists commonly return arrays that exist in the result of many API methods.
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  • Custom Profile Fields Array

    Custom Profile Fields Array

    The array contains custom profile fields for the user. Custom field array has the following items:
    • custom_field_holder - [Array] details of the custom field
      • optionalfield - [Array] If profilefield.optional
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  • Login/Logout Process

    Login/Logout Process

    This article explains the process of user login and logout with API.

    Login Process
    The client is able to login user with login_login method. The required POST params are:
    • vb_logi
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  • Thread Prefix Options Array

    Thread Prefix Options Array

    Thread Prefix Options Array contains a list of Thread prefixes. It contains sub-arrays of prefix option groups array. Prefix option groups contains the following items:
    • optgroup_extra - Not Used.
    • optgroup_label
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  • Human Verification in the Mobile API

    Human Verification in the Mobile API

    Human Verification is a mechanism to prevent a form from being posted by a non-human (by a special program 'bot'). Currently there're 3 types of Human Verification in vBulletin.

    Types of
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  • Forumbits Array

    Forumbits Array

    Forumbits Array is an array that contains a list of forumbit array. forumbit array contains following items:
    • childforumbits - [Array] Child forums list. An array that contains a list of sub-array.
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  • How to create a Fixed Style Template

    How to create a Fixed Style Template

    I wanted to do a short video tutorial on how to resize the general width of your vBulletin 4 Forum. Many vbulletin 4 themes that have come out are only available in “fluid style,” meaning it takes up the whole computer screen. I want to show you how to quickly make it a “fixed style” that can be resized to your needs. To get started, log in to your admin cp and click on “Styles and Templates" > "Style Manager"> and choose the style you want to edit. On the drop down field choose StyleVars. ...
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  • Setting the Default Profile Style.

    Setting the Default Profile Style.

    Note: This was promoted from the following thread: Which CSS Please
    The issue is that we want the default user profile to match the customer site, not the vBulletin default install. That means we have to map the stylevars to the new profile variables. We need a total of two sets of text/background colors that will have enough contrast to be visible, and four sets of text/link/background colors. There aren't that many combinations that have guaranteed contrast. If the site style keeps the current...
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  • Customizing your Profile

    Customizing your Profile

    We have created this document to help you understand how the new user profile customization variables work. We walk through the six groups of variables and show by screen shots how the various elements on the page are affected. In the screen shots below, everything except the settings group being demonstrated is set to “gray”. Also the colors used are selected to be very different. This is of course unlike any real page you will ever see, but makes it easier see what's happening. You might want...
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  • vBulletin 5 Database Best Practices
    by Wayne Luke
    This is part of a best practices series to manage your vBulletin installation. The database is the heart and soul of your vBulletin site. All content and user information is stored in the database. Protect the database and you protect your site. This document will go over the creation and usage of a MySQL database for the use of vBulletin 5 Connect. If you have shared hosting and are provided a web-based control panel like cPanel, you will need to access your hosting provider's documentation on how to carry out these operations. This document assumes a general familiarity with the command line operations of your Operating System. All commands listed assume that you are accessing your server via SSH. ...
    Wed 31st Oct '18, 7:18am
  • vBulletin Password Handling
    by Wayne Luke
    Note: vBulletin Cloud sites cannot use custom password schemes at this time. The core security of your site is the User Password and how it is stored. In the beginning, vBulletin used a simple MD5 hash to represent the password. However as Floating Point Processors (i.e. GPU and ASICs) have become more powerful, this method proved to be risky and reduced security. If we significantly changed the password scheme, then users wouldn't be able to login and would need to change their passwords fir...
    Sat 27th Oct '18, 12:34pm
  • Creating the Sitemap XML for your vBulletin
    by Wayne Luke
    The XML Sitemap specification allows search engines to index your site more efficiently. vBulletin 5 Connect can create the Sitemap automatically so you can submit it to your favorite search engines. Using the default path If you are using vBulletin Cloud, you must use this option. The default value for this is core/store_sitemap. Make sure the directory is CHMOD 0777 on your server. In the AdminCP, go to Settings -> Options -> XML Sitemap and set Enable Automatic Sitemap Generation to Yes. ...
    Sat 27th Oct '18, 12:18pm
  • Installing Memcached for vBulletin
    by Wayne Luke
    Note: Installing and using Memcached requires access to the command line and the ability to install software on your server. If you are using a Shared Hosting Package, then you may not have access to this capability. If you are in doubt, please contact your hosting provider. If you are running vBulletin in a Virtual Machine or on a Dedicated Server, you can improve performance with Memcached. This allows you to move some of the caching systems from vBulletin's database and into memory. On the s...
    Sat 27th Oct '18, 12:00pm
  • Using Tools.php
    by Wayne Luke
    Within your vBulletin Download Package, we provide a file called tools.php, this file isn't uploaded to the server by default as it is considered to be a significant security risk. However, there are times when you need to change specific settings and aren't able to access your AdminCP directly. Uploading to the Server It is recommended that tools.php is installed in the /core/install directory. To do this, follow the steps below: Connect to your server with your favorite SFTP or SCP client. In you...
    Sat 27th Oct '18, 11:45am
  • Third-Party Logins: Twitter
    by Wayne Luke
    You will need to use an existing twitter account in order to use this functionality.

    Create an app using your twitter account

    In your browser go to

    Check App Settings

    Go to the application settings (e.g. where 12345 references the app created in step 2. You can access the settings by going to the list of
    your apps (, clicking on the app link, then clicking...
    Tue 10th Apr '18, 9:00am

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