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  • Setting the Default Profile Style.

    Setting the Default Profile Style.

    Note: This was promoted from the following thread: Which CSS Please

    The issue is that we want the default user profile to match the customer site, not the vBulletin default install. That means we have
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  • Customizing your Profile

    Customizing your Profile

    We have created this document to help you understand how the new user profile customization variables work. We walk through the six groups of variables and show by screen shots how the various elements
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  • New Stylevars in 4.0.8

    New Stylevars in 4.0.8

    In vBulletin 4.0.8, considerable effort was put into the CSS and available stylevars to consolidate and reuse different stylevars across various systems. Here you will find a list of new stylevars in
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  • Deprecated Stylevars

    Deprecated Stylevars

    This is a list of the stylevars that will be deprecated in the upcoming vBulletin 4.0.8 and 4.1.0 releases. This list is subject to change as the work is ongoing. <h2>Deprecated Stylevars</h2>
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  • FAQ: How to install CMS in Root, Forums in subdirectory

    FAQ: How to install CMS in Root, Forums in subdirectory

    Have you been pulling out your hair trying to figure out how in the world to simply install the vBulletin Suite's CMS or "portal" page as your front page in the root directory (e.g. http://
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  • How To: Find a StyleVar (video version)

    How To: Find a StyleVar (video version)

    NOTE: If you have any specific queries regarding StyleVars you can't find, please post in the vBulletin Templates, Graphics & Styles forum.
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  • How To Patch Your Site

    How To Patch Your Site

    From time to time, it's necessary to issue a Security Patch (or Patch Level) release for vBulletin software. This differs from the normal upgrade routine so this short article will clarify exactly what needs to be done when we announce a Patch Level (PL) release.
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  • How To: Have the 'Remember me' Box Checked by Default

    How To: Have the 'Remember me' Box Checked by Default

    If you wish to have the 'Remember me' box checked by default in vB4, then edit the header template:

    Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Edit Templates -> h
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  • Center Your Logo in vBulletin 4

    Center Your Logo in vBulletin 4

    To center the vBulletin logo above, we would add the following to the additional.css template:

    .logo-image {
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  • How to Setup Your Forum

    How to Setup Your Forum

    Congratulations, you’ve just successfully installed the vBulletin suite! But what do you do next? Like most of us, you just want to set up your forum and start getting users in to
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  • Creating a Redirect Channel
    by Wayne Luke

    In older versions of vBulletin, you could specify a URL to redirect a forum to another location. This could be on your site or elsewhere. With the release of vBulletin 5, this functionality was removed. You can recreate this functionality using Template Hooks. I will outline the steps to create a channel redirect here.

    Note: This functionality is not available on vBulletin Cloud at this time.
    This tutorial involves changing options, creating custom templates and building a temple hook. Allowi...
    Wed 5th Feb '20, 7:09pm
  • Styles Editor
    by Wayne Luke


    The Style tool allows you to select a pre-existing theme for use on your site and sets it as the default. It also allows you to apply CSS customizations to your site.


    The Theme Selection tool will show all Styles installed in your vBulletin Site. Selecting one of the themes shown will provide a preview image and select it. If you decide that you do not like it, simply select a new theme. Your selection is saved when you click the Save Changes. All Themes vBulletin C...
    Tue 4th Feb '20, 5:34pm
  • Site Builder Overview
    by Wayne Luke
    Introduction to Site Builder Site Builder is the newest innovation in vBulletin’s line of site management products. It allows an administrator user, with the correct permissions, to change and edit the content and look of their site without logging in to the AdminCP. Where Site Builder deals with the outward facing portion of a site, the AdminCP controls the nuts and bolts of the system. The Site Builder allows an administrator to add various functionalities, dictate what they do, and where they’re place...
    Mon 3rd Feb '20, 5:40pm
  • vBulletin 5 Database Tools
    by Wayne Luke
    The vBulletin Database Tools are a series of command line scripts that allow you to quickly make modifications to your database in order to provide performance fixes and update them to UTF8 standards. IMPORTANT- These files must be run via the command line, either if you have local access to the server or ssh access. If you are on shared hosting your access may be limited. You may ask your host for ssh access. If they say it is not available ask if they will run the commands for you. Update VB5 ...
    Mon 21st Oct '19, 10:29am
  • vBulletin 5 Database Best Practices
    by Wayne Luke
    This is part of a best practices series to manage your vBulletin installation. The database is the heart and soul of your vBulletin site. All content and user information is stored in the database. Protect the database and you protect your site. This document will go over the creation and usage of a MySQL database for the use of vBulletin 5 Connect. If you have shared hosting and are provided a web-based control panel like cPanel, you will need to access your hosting provider's documentation on how to carry out these operations. This document assumes a general familiarity with the command line operations of your Operating System. All commands listed assume that you are accessing your server via SSH. ...
    Wed 31st Oct '18, 8:18am
  • vBulletin Password Handling
    by Wayne Luke
    Note: vBulletin Cloud sites cannot use custom password schemes at this time. The core security of your site is the User Password and how it is stored. In the beginning, vBulletin used a simple MD5 hash to represent the password. However as Floating Point Processors (i.e. GPU and ASICs) have become more powerful, this method proved to be risky and reduced security. If we significantly changed the password scheme, then users wouldn't be able to login and would need to change their passwords fir...
    Sat 27th Oct '18, 1:34pm

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